BLOG -Summer 2018

Day 26: by Ella Erlbaum (Merion Station, PA)

Today was sadly the last day of the first 4G Euro experience. Our day started off at 7:45 when we got ready and davened and went to a stupendous breakfast. We then said bye to our last hotel and drove to Yad Leah, an amazing

Day 25: by Hannah Chayne (Brooklyn, NY)

Today on 4G Euro we had an early morning and then went to Leket Israel on an onion farm- we collected onions for poor people. In fact we collected about 880 pounds total! Apparently each family gets about two pounds of onions so in the

Days 23 & 24: Tzippy Neuman (Cleveland, OH)

Hey 4g fans👋🏻 So this Friday morning started off with early wake up in chispin and a delicious breakfast. We changed into tznius swimwear and took a 30 minute bus ride to the Jordan river where we had a blast rafting and pushing our friends

Days 21 & 22: Bella Rennert (Cleveland, OH)

Today we took a tour of Tsfat visiting graves of great rabbanim and learning the history of one of the 4 holy cities of Israel. After the tour we went to Latrun Tank Park for Yom NCSY. There we had a BBQ and an amazing

Day 20: by Avigayil Berkowitz (Chicago, IL)

After a comfy sleep in the bed win tents we were woken up with tea and biscuits at 4:30 am to go see sunrise at Masada. We got pretty pictures on top of the mountain. We climbed back down to eat breakfast and go to

Days 17 & 18: by Avigayil Rosenberg (Columbus, OH)

Friday night began with an impactful kabbalas Shabbos at the kotel and continued with a wonderful dinner and speech by Dr Lukens from Touro College for Women. 4G woke up on Shabbos morning to a beautiful day in Jerusalem. 4G davened on the hotel balcony

Days 15 & 16: by Daniella Quinn (Houston, TX)

Thursday was our first full day of traveling in Yerushalayim. We began our day at 8 am, (thank you Shira for the late wake up!). After davening and our wonderful breakfast at the Ramada, we were on our way to the old city. Before entering

Day 14: by Tzippy Neuman (Cleveland, OH)

Today was a very special day for me on 4G Euro. I got to see the kotel for the first time ever. The day started bright and early at 6:45 am and we had to be on the road at 8:20 am. During that hour

Day 13: by Arielle Chemtov (Hollywood, FL)

We began our morning today with an extremely long, hot, yet definitely fulfilling hike in the beautiful Ein Ovdat. We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery of the desert landscape and even some water! We then drove to a salad trail, where we enjoyed a lovely pizza