Day 25: by Hannah Chayne (Brooklyn, NY)

Today on 4G Euro we had an early morning and then went to Leket Israel on an onion farm- we collected onions for poor people. In fact we collected about 880 pounds total! Apparently each family gets about two pounds of onions so in the hour and 15 minutes we picked onions it was enough for about 440 families!! Then we went to Jerusalem where we had a few hours of free time in the whole Ben Yehuda/ Machane Yehuda area to meet up with family and friends or just shop and walk around. At around 7:30 we met at the train station where Bella got left behind but it’s alright because Rachel ran back and walked her to the hotel where we ate supper and packed and got yelled at at the guy who worked there who told us if we want to talk we could do so- on the street. Then we went to sleep.