Day 26: by Ella Erlbaum (Merion Station, PA)

Today was sadly the last day of the first 4G Euro experience. Our day started off at 7:45 when we got ready and davened and went to a stupendous breakfast. We then said bye to our last hotel and drove to Yad Leah, an amazing organization which gives clothing and other necessities to the needy in Israel. We packed school supplies for children who cannot afford it, thereby restoring their dignity in addition to giving them their school needs. It was a very meaningful experience. We then were given our very last spending money sponsored by the camp for us to buy lunch in our free time in the Old City. We later met up to go to the tunnel tours where we learned about the history of the Jews and the meaning and spirituality of our surroundings. We then had free time until 5:30 where some of us davened minchah at the kotel and took in our last moments being at the kotel on 4G Euro. Then some of us went shopping in Mamila, Ben Yehudah, or met up with friends or family. Afterwards it was time for our banquet, which was held at Joy in Mamila. We enjoyed a delicious cuisine of bread, chicken, meat, rice, potatoes and more! We were fortunate to have with us the esteemed David Cutler, director of NCSY summer programs! We heard speeches from our very own Ayelet Cohen, Adina Polatsek, and Baila Brumer, followed by thank you cards to David Cutler from Kayla Goldberg, Avigail Rosenberg, and Daniella Quinn. We then were served a scrumptious dessert as each camper was given a water bottle, sefarim, and the 4G Euro sweatshirt! As each girl went up to accept the gifts she described her favorite part of the trip. We then said our final goodbyes to Adina Polatsek because she was stayed in Israel:( and drove to the airport. We also said our emotional goodbyes to Nitzan as she couldn’t come in to the airport with her gun, and said bye to Louis the bus driver. Inside the airport we said bye to Rachel and Gabby. Finally, after much hustle, we boarded our flight! We may be saying goodbye to Israel for now, but we are not saying bye to the 4G familia. We are always a family! ❤