Days 23 & 24: Tzippy Neuman (Cleveland, OH)

Hey 4g fans👋🏻
So this Friday morning started off with early wake up in chispin and a delicious breakfast. We changed into tznius swimwear and took a 30 minute bus ride to the Jordan river where we had a blast rafting and pushing our friends in the water:)
After we rushed back to the moshav and got ready for shabbos. The madrichot then escorted us to the lake and sunset where we had a beautiful kabbalos Shabbos.
We were lucky to have Euro ICE eat the Friday night meal with us. There was singing, dancing, great food, and an inspiring dvar Torah said by Yael Boldt. After we had an oneg together and some time to spend with our friends.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to get some cake and coffee and then headed to shul. We davened with Euro ICE followed by some free time/optional learning with madrichot. The meals just kept getting better and better. You could feel the energy/achdus when everyone sang together.
The long awaited menuchas shabbos came and boy did we need it. Girls learned either on their own or with madrichot, walked around the beautiful grounds, slept, or hung out with friends. After that we had mincha and chaburot followed by a game a freeze and justify. It very amusing to see Shira and Rachi act like children:)
Then we had a yummy shalosh seudos and headed back to the lake where we had a kumzitz. Being that it was our last shabbos all together, everybody really tried to make it super meaningful. After we had havdalah (NSCY style) with Euro ICE.

After Shabbos, we quickly changed  and headed to the party boat!!!! It was a big boat with disco lights and awesome music (thanks Abi;), it was definitely a night/dance party to remember. Then we drove back to the moshav and packed up for another great day in Jerusalem!!